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How do I enroll?

STEP 1: Submit an application + application fee ($50)+

STEP 2: Schedule an interview with our admissions coach, if you have not previously done so. 

*Enrollment is not complete until the application, application fee and enrollment fee has been completed. 

What do I need to enroll in Lash Specialty, Hair Weaving or Esthetician Progam?

No prior experience, certifications nor licensure is needed. Must be 16.5 years of age, valid ID/DL & provide documentation of HS Diploma/ GED. 

*Our instructors will assist each student at every level to become successful in the lash industry.

How long is the Esthetician Program?

Esthetician program completion approximately 6 - 10 months covering facials, wax, lash and business curriculum. The program has flexibility for students to complete within their allotted completion time.All students are required to complete 20 credits (750 hours).

How long does the Lash License take?

Our Eyelash Extensions License program takes approximately 8 - 14 weeks to complete.

Certified lash Techs are eligible to complete the program in 7-8 weeks.

Beginners: we suggest 10-13 weeks program. All students are required to complete 8 credits (320 hours).

What are payment options?

We do not currently offer Financial Aid; 

Students Pay out of pocket. 

We offer a variety of payment options Shop Pay, After Pay, Sezzle, Tuition Payment Plans. 

*Be advised additional fees and taxes may apply. 

How will the program fit my shedule?

We understand that time and scheduling are important. Our students are eligible to work on a flexible schedule within their allotted completion time. We offer a hybrid approach that gives our students flexibility to work on-campus and virtually.